Simple summer salad recipes are essential in my house. Especially when there’s a heatwave! A few years ago I learned about the Tomato Basil Salad recipe and it instantly became one of my favourite go-to side dishes in the summer time.

Do you ever notice when you’re invited to a potluck that the salad table is full of different types of pasta and potato salads? They seem to be everyone’s go-to dish for these types of events. Maybe it’s time to switch it up and surprise everyone with a new side.

The only thing better than the taste of this salad is the simplicity of the recipe. This recipe is so quick and easy to make that you won’t even miss the other dishes. (Not to forget it’s also vegan friendly with very few calories!)

What Do you need?

  • Cherry or grape tomatoes, 1 pint
  • 12-15 Basil leaves
  • Garlic Clove minced (Only 1 is needed, but you can add more if you like an extra kick to your food)
  • Ground Ginger, just a pinch!
  • Olive Oil, 1 tsp
  • Salt and Pepper to taste

Note: If you prefer a creamier salad you can swap out the olive oil for mayonnaise.

Grape tomatoes are one of my summertime must-haves!

Let’s get started!

Prep Time: Under 15 mins Serves: 3-4

Step 1: Wash all of the tomatoes and pat dry. You don’t want too much excess water on them because it will make your salad runny.

2: Pick the basil leaves off of the stem. Wash and dry, set aside. The recipe calls for 12-15 leaves. but I like a stronger basil flavour so I added closer to 20!

3: Slice your tomatoes in half lengthwise and put them in your serving bowl.

These are so cute when they’re sliced!

4: Bunch your basil leaves together and chop them up as finely as possible. When they resemble little slivers you can add them to your bowl of tomatoes.

5: Next thing you need to do it get you garlic ready. Tomato Basil Salad calls for minced garlic. I use fresh garlic and a garlic presser, but if you only have the jarred stuff that’s okay!

Okay, so maybe my basil leaves weren’t quite slivers this time. It still tasted delicious though!

6: Once your garlic is ready, put it directly in your salad. (Similar to the basil, I also enjoy extra garlic in mine. You only need one clove of garlic to give this dish some power. I normally add 2 cloves because I grew up eating a lot of garlic, and 1 clove is just never enough for me. A third clove came off when I was peeling and I thought “why not” and added it as well. That was too much! If you’re a garlic fiend like me, just stick to 2 cloves maximum!)

7: Measure out 1 tsp of olive oil and add it to your dish.

8. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and ground ginger. You don’t need very much ginger in this recipe. Just a pinch is enough to say “Hello”.

9. Gently mix your salad and it’s ready to serve.

So yummy!

That’s all, it really is an easy summer recipe. It’s very easy to adjust the recipe according to your taste buds as well. (You picky eaters don’t need to turn your nose just yet!)

It’s not just a salad though!

This recipe was originally made just as a salad, but there’s a lot more you can do with it. Here’s just one idea. You can add a dash more olive oil and shred some really delicious cheese. Toss it with pasta of choice and bake in the oven. You have the base of a really good baked pasta there.

Cutting down on carbs? Try baking chicken breasts in the Tomato Basil Salad. You have so many options with this recipe, it’s amazing!

I hope this dish finds a spot on the table at your next barbeque!

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