Avocato's Healthy Living

We aim to make healthy living an enjoyable lifestyle. It's hard to fall off track of eating well if you love what you're eating!

Avocato's Healthy Living is an independently operated online business located in Nova Scotia, Canada. In case you are wondering where the name came from, that is my cat Avocato sitting in the executive chair. As you can tell by her expression in the picture, she means business! 

After studying Nutrition and Fitness I decided to turn my passion for creating a healthy (but still enjoyable) lifestyle into a business that could help other people do the same. Working out and eating right wasn't always my top priority. Like many others, I was quick with the "I don't have time" or "I can't afford the gym right now" excuse. I also loved junk food and didn't want to give up my favourite snacks. 


Our steps


Our fitness programs are customized to help you reach your goal on your schedule. Your workout plan will be sent to your phone or computer making it easier for you to squeeze in a good workout even on the most hectic days. We also offer coaching from a Nutrition Consultant program that will help you customize your meal plan according to what you enjoy to eat. No ridiculously small portions or food that tastes like cardboard. Stay tuned because we look forward to helping you once these programs become available. 


We also have a blog featuring various posts on healthy eating, fitness advice, and self-care regimens to help you live a life full of wellness. Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list to get updated on new posts.